Alternate Watch 2

Horrors are an integral part of our lives. It’s much better when they stay in games. But what if the game is an alternate reality, and you’re in the same room with your fears, but in different dimensions?

When deciding to dive into this mysterious world, don’t forget to bring your stress tolerance and courage, because the project is about to test you to the limit!

This is not just some empty scary parallel universe. It’s got its own creatures that do not stop thinking for a moment about how to frighten you.

In this project, you have to look for various weird things in the house, but what are they? For example, it’s an unexpectedly moved thing somewhere without your knowledge or influence. By the way, you can not affect the items in any way, because you are in another place and only observe what is happening with the help of the surveillance camera system.

You’re not imagining things

You take on the role of a guard or a homeowner who stays awake at night and keeps order. Of course, don’t expect a quiet night without accidents. The essence of the game and your main goal is to detect all anomalies before 6 a.m. and eliminate them, that way you may survive.

At first, you will be a little scared, but further, it gets worse. Did you want to hear something soothing?

Even a spoon can be a hazard

You monitor the dark rooms. You’ll see danger in every object, whether it’s a TV, a toothbrush, or a spoon in the kitchen. Everything is suspicious. It smells like the beginning of paranoid disorder, doesn’t it? Noticing strange occurrences is not always easy. This is especially true when it comes to the displacement of items because you are responsible for the whole house, so you have to constantly switch from room to room so as not to miss anything significant. At the same time, while watching the bathroom, you might not notice that a laptop in the bedroom was lying on the bed, and then suddenly appeared on the floor or disappeared altogether.
The more prominent strangeness is imagery – paintings and works of art. That is, a picture showed a man, and then he suddenly turned into a boy. You will also come across a fairly rare mimic anomaly, which copies an object, meaning that instead of one TV, you find two. You have to mark an abnormality on the list by correctly identifying it. Otherwise, it won’t be counted.
Try to cope with the paranormal, be attentive, focused and fearless, and have a great gaming experience!

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