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Have you ever had a case where you put a book on the shelf, and it fell off on its own? Did you think then that something paranormal was going on? Did you have any feelings of anxiety and vulnerability after what happened? If so, this project will really challenge you, immersing you in a horrifying atmosphere, and then, the situation with the book will seem harmless to you.

Feel like a kind of ghostbuster

There are surveillance cameras in the mysterious house. You have the uncomplicated task of monitoring them. If you spot objects moving or any other changes with them, you have to mark them. This place turns out to be extraordinary, so you’ll have to find a gigantic number of different anomalies such as displacements and other alterations.

The city goes to sleep – the beings wake up

You’re carefree through the game, content with a more or less peaceful night, but at a certain point everything turns upside down, and you feel chills down your spine.

You get to know a silhouette who doesn’t enjoy hiding. It puts itself on display and gets right in front of the camera, so it’s easy to recognize and spot it. This humanoid black shadow with white eyes is called a pure form. It likes to approach you suddenly and even high-five you. A huge hand with an eye covers the lens! The monster can also try to break the camera.

The intruder will visit you uninvited, hiding in a secluded place. It has a cloak and is somewhat reminiscent of Scream. Its distinctive feature is an indecipherable muttering sound. If you don’t notice it, your ears can help you identify the dreadful creature.

The most common monsters here are flawed people. They have unnatural facial features and very long arms, and their twisted, jerky movements are also worrisome. Initially, they may be shy and look at the wall or out the window, but then they don’t hesitate to walk up to the camera and start doing odd and frightening things. Their unexpected smile will make you want to run away. But what if these people are your relatives from another dimension? After all, there’s a reason they’re dressed homely and go into the kitchen, then into the child’s room, as if lulling a non-existent baby.

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