Alternate Watch Horror

Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal phenomena? Even if you don’t, in any case, you have a unique opportunity to get into an alternate universe where you live together with spooky creatures.

Similar to one of the popular horror games, the main element of the gameplay is a surveillance camera system. It is installed in every room of the house, and even on the stairs. This building is filled with an atmosphere of unspeakable horror and powerlessness because you can not have any impact on what is happening. You’re just a detached observer, able only to watch things and look for oddities.

A fighter against anomalies

Clicking on the icon of one of the rooms, such as the living room, you are surprised, because the TV itself turned on and started playing some old music. Open the list of anomalies and choose the one you noticed. In this case, it is an electrical anomaly, which also includes all the problems with the technique in the house, such as interference on cameras or faulty lighting objects. In this way, you eliminate the potential danger and advance in the game. It’s no wonder that if you often make mistakes or randomly identify incidents, nothing good will come of it.

Does this all sound like childish nonsense to you? What’s scary about things moving on their own? If you think so, congratulations! After two o’clock in the morning, you’ll have to take a sedative.

Who is that in the mirror?

Various monsters of unknown origin will intimidate you as they go about their business. Some of them prefer to pretend they’re at home, wandering around their rooms and staring dreamily out the window. Others like to suddenly appear near the camera or make faces. There are a variety of beings you are about to familiarize and all of them have peculiarities. To play the game effectively you need to understand the varieties of these creatures and be incredibly concentrated and attentive. If you have a bad memory or are too lazy to remember all the objects and their location – you will fail and die.

The graphics of this project is so realistic that sometimes you forget that you are in the virtual world, which is fraught with overwhelming panic and vivid emotions. Thanks to the sound accompaniment and an extraordinary idea, you are guaranteed a thrill. The combination of strangeness, constant tension, excitement, anxiety and unexpectedness will drive even the world’s calmest person crazy.

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