Welcome to an exciting horror game that will surely not leave you indifferent. You play for a young guy who was offered a great promotion and need to move to a new place. You will temporarily stay at your friend’s before you settle down. But unfortunately, your new host has not warned you that you will share the room with somebody else, and it is going to be a girl! It is quite unexpected, but you have no other option at the moment. So let’s see how it will work for you!

Anything can happen under one roof!

You can imagine that it is not so easy to live in one room with a person of the opposite sex. Living together with someone will definitely bring you closer. But it depends on your actions how this acquaintance will develop. Will you become friends or enemies? Or maybe you will even start a relationship? Start playing now to see how this adventure will end up for you. The developers added several potential endings that depend on the player’s decisions. Have fun!

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