Alternate Watch

Our universe is filled with demons that make you believe in things that aren’t really there. Maybe you’ve never noticed or even thought about such nonsense, but if you slightly activate your weakened attention, you’ll spot a lot of intriguing things. It’s unlikely that after this game you’ll feel safe in your house and be able to fall asleep as you always do.
This is a challenging and fascinating game that requires you to be observant and analytical. You are in a seemingly ordinary cozy house with quite a few rooms. You have to watch the cameras and try to detect something strange, that is, an anomaly. Furthermore, you have to report any occurrence that raises doubts in your mind.

Wasn’t that thing in the other room?

You see a bedroom, and on the bed lies a laptop. Nothing out of the ordinary, someone must have been working on it. But that thing could turn into something at any moment, and your part is not to miss that moment. There are many objects in this house, with which the paranormal can happen. They can move and change their appearance. It is quite difficult to interact with all items because any object can be influenced by dark forces.

Who is that outside the window?

There are eight locations under your watchful eye, particularly the kitchen, shower room, living room, bedroom, staircase, and even the basement. Switch between these rooms to make sure you don’t overlook a single anomaly because if you get it wrong a certain number of times, you’ll have to go through the whole chilling horror again. It’s not enough to see that something is wrong. You have to do your best to figure out exactly what occurred. You might encounter the aforementioned displacement of objects, as well as anomalies related to imagery, facial expressions, or something unknown. Once you see the TV malfunction, identify the event as an electrical anomaly. Seeing some person in the house, it is worth reporting an intruder. Frightening creatures or even faceless people can show up and scare you to death at any time, so don’t relax early, thinking that this spooky stuff will only work on children.

Once you’ve identified the abnormality and made sure you’re right, choose an alteration from the list provided and wait. Then you will see “Anomaly not found” if you made a mistake or “Anomaly removed” if you did everything correctly.
This project will cause you to become irresistibly paranoid and want to turn on the lights in the room. Turn around and observe things in your house. Are you sure everything has stayed the same?

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