Alternate Watch Unblocked

Humanity has not yet reached a consensus on the existence of the paranormal in our reality. This project will immerse you in an alternative world, where abnormality exists along with normality. The game can be compared to watching a full-fledged psychological thriller.

You see an empty house with so many objects in it that you get the impression that it is inhabited. You’ll find out later if it is. The concept is that you are essentially limited in your ability to interact with objects and creatures. All you can do is detect and defuse, so to speak, phenomena that are outside the norm.

Cameras are your main assistant

Explore the video surveillance system, because your entire gameplay is closely related to this appliance. Look around and familiarize yourself with all the rooms. Immediately try to memorize how everything is arranged here as something terrible and unpredictable is about to happen. Moreover, a lack of focus on what’s going on will ruin your potentially awesome gaming experience.

Pay attention to the ordinary stuff. What is depicted on the wall paintings? What is behind the bathroom curtain? Is the TV off or on? Where is the laptop and how many spoons are on the table? As you observe the rooms, you will begin to notice some changes in the number of items, their location, or the appearance of something new. By keeping a vigilant eye on every little thing in the building, you start to feel as if you are going completely insane. Anxiety increases by the minute, and you begin to visualize things that aren’t really there.

Black shadows are here

After a while, dark forces from other dimensions wake up and crawl into your house. There is no telling what their purpose is, for some of them perform totally inadequate actions. This will hardly make you laugh, as the game is designed to provide vividly terrifying emotions. You have to master how to distinguish between types of entities because in order to eliminate them you have to identify them correctly from the list.

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