Let’s dive into the unknown with Backrooms, a game that will take you on a surreal and eerie journey through a labyrinth of yellow-walled rooms! You somehow stumbled into this seemingly endless maze of yellow-walled rooms and now you have to find your way out of this maze and return to reality!

Will you be able to escape Backrooms?

Everything in Backrooms is it’s creepy and surreal. The yellow walls, the buzzing sound in the background – and the mounting paranoia. Each room is eerily similar, yet different in its own way, and there are some strange things lurking in the shadows. You’ll have to explore each room thoroughly and look for clues that will help you navigate through the maze. And survive! There are some entities that are not friendly, and they’ll try to attack you as you make your way through the maze. You’ll have to use your wits and skills to avoid them and find a way out!

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