The Baby In Yellow

Some horror stories do not look scary at all. For example, this game starts just as a routine adventure where you are to work as a babysitter. Nothing is so terrible, right? You will have to look after a cute baby that is wearing a yellow overall. But everything will change after its parents leave and you stay alone with your ward. The baby will turn out a true monster, and you will be literally trapped in this huge mansion.

Will you manage to complete your mission?

According to the agreement, you must spend several days with the baby in yellow. But already during your first day, things will turn really weird. At first, you will notice that some items change their position on their own. Then the baby will disappear somewhere in the depth of this creepy house. Now you must start exploring this terrible place. It will turn out that there are a lot of deadly challenges and traps around. Will you manage to unveil the shocking secrets of this dangerous place?

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